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Multiple Options – Not Just One


When it comes Corporate Debt Relief, we come second to none.  No miracle pill will cure all debt problems and meet the needs of every single business owner as what works well for one may not work well for others.  We understand each of our clients have different needs, and therefore, we offer choices.

We take our time with our clients during our free consultation to explain to you what you’re up against and we won’t sugar coat our conversations.  If you’re looking for help with MCAs you’re in a bad spot, so we won’t make it seem like our help will be an instant fix, as anything that sounds too good to be true most likely is.  We’ll explain how each of the different options we offer can help you, and all the road bumps that may occur along the way.  Rest assured, one way or another; we’ll solve your Merchant Cash Advance or other debt problems.

Our Various Merchant Cash Advance Debt Relief Solutions

  1. Forbearance Agreements – we can get you a break on your payments for some time.

  2. Restructuring Lower Payments – we can lower your payments if your revenues are down or you are overextended with too many positions or other obligations.

  3. Lump Sum Settlements – we can discount the balance you owe as a one-time settlement.

  4. Structured Settlements – we can discount the balance you owe and arrange for multiple payments to pay off the negotiated amount.

  5. *Lawsuit Defense – if you are sued, although we’re not a law firm, we have access to a network of attorneys that can protect your rights in court.

  6. *Bankruptcy – Our network of attorneys can even provide protection through the bankruptcy courts as a last resort if needed.

*Attorney network services may not be available in all locations.

  • Forbearance Agreements

  • Restructuring Lower Payments

  • Lump Sum Settlements

  • Structured Settlements

  • *Lawsuit Defense

  • *Bankruptcy

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