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How the Process Works

  • Complete your Free Debt Analysis and discuss your financial situation

  • Your debt counselor will work with you to assess your debt, review your budget, and determine what debt relief options are available to you.

  • Estimate your monthly payment with a debt consolidation program

  • At the end of your Debt Analysis if you qualify for a debt consolidation program, your counselor will provide the real dollar amount you would pay each month if you enroll. You can enroll right then or take time think about it-no limited-time offers!

  • Start the program and pay just one payment each month

  • You pay us one monthly payment and we negotiate and pay your creditors on your behalf. This new monthly payment is often lower than your current credit card payments so you get more breathing room.

  • Be debt-free faster than you think

  • If you are behind in your payments, most creditors will agree to negotiate. Most clients are completely debt-free in 24-48 payments. That's 2-4 years to pay off ALL of your credit card debt, not 10-20!

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