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The biggest day to day battle businesses face is being properly capitalized. While this is true of all enterprises, capital is even more vital to businesses trying to expand- and/or those that are suffocating with expensive debt instruments.

If a business has been marginally profitable or worse, access/cost of capital will likely not be cost friendly (the same is true if a business is over leveraged). This causes business owners to ask, ‘How can we increase sales and margins without the affordable capital we need to get there?’


When clients are ‘stacked’ with too many short-term ‘funding’ instruments, Debtsolidation Advisors (DSA) reviews the file seeking a Global Solution, determining whether that solution is attainable immediately or within the foreseeable future. Based on the Clients’ balance sheet, debt service coverage and guarantors credit.

We will negotiate or extend the loans.



Debtsolidation Advisors (DSA) understands the challenges businesses owners face, and specializes in helping them scale- whether the business is experiencing routine growth, or is weathering tough times. Their experience in dealing with all scenarios allows them to work with clients to create a plan to succeed, and to be a resource for the client throughout the process.

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WHY DSA ?                                                                                                  

Debtsolidation Advisors (DSA) is not your typical Intermediary, or Funder. It is a Business Consulting practice-started by Entrepreneurs that have scaled companies, and endured successes and challenges. Their Executive teams collective experience: owning and operating Logistics, Construction, IT Placement and Staffing, Hospitality, Manufacturing, and Insurance Brokerages specializing Financing high net worth Life Insurance policies-gives them extensive business finance acumen, and just as important-empathy.   

The Chief Financial Officer of most small businesses is the individual business owner-operator, even though they are often not comfortable or prepared for that role. Typically, their day to day responsibility of running their business- is more than a full-time job. FSA is a value-added resource to these clients, acting as an Advisor on an as need basis, rather than budgeting for a long term capital-intensive employee.

With FSA it’s not just about immediate access to Capital- it’s about long-term success.


Del Ray , FL

I signed up with DSA. Very efficient and proficient personnel that signed me up and welcome office. Helen is very professional and knowledgeable. Her pleasant attitude and patience was remarkable. Very responsive to all my concerns and answered everything that I was concerned about. Great team to deal with.


Nashville, TN

Words can't describe how relieved I feel knowing that Im on the path to a debt free life!!! I called thinking this is going to take forever on the phone Im not going to get any help. I was wrong! It was easy and over and done with with a snap of my fingers. So glad and happy I called. Thanks for taking this brick house off of my shoulders! I can breathe now!


Springfield, MA

Even though I never heard of DSA, I am really impress the way they handled someone like myself who had no idea of what I was getting myself into. The staff is very passionate and sensitive to their customer needs


“Success is not final; Failure is not fatal:
It is the courage to continue that counts.”

Winston Churchill




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